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Bath Property Market Update - June 2014

Bath Property Market Update - June 2014
By Crisp Cowley

By all accounts it’s been a record June for us at Crisp Cowley. We have agreed nearly twice as many sales in June this year as we did in June last year and taking June and May together ( as two of the bestselling months of the year) we have agreed sales on £28m worth of property in these two months compared with £19m in the same two months last year which is an increase of 47%!

What is most noticeable is our activity levels between £1m and £2m where over the last 2 months we have sold agreed 14 sales worth £17m which is an increase of nearly 300% against last year. Also we have sold more in the sector over the last year in Bath than our two national competitors making us the most successful agent in the price sector.

We look ahead with excitement to the rest of the year and look forward to speaking to you about your possible sale.

Charles Everritt