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Interesting Times …………

By Nick Gale

Whilst the news seems to be somewhat negative we at Crisp Cowley believe that this will soon turn itself around. Turbulence comes and goes but Bath’s enduring appeal stands the test of time and we are 100% confident that the Bath market will weather this storm with ease. All you need is a steady hand on the helm and we are here to provide this support for our clients.

Whilst it is hard to accurately predict the way the market will perform for the rest of the year. Here is our stab at it.

What we are likely to see in the next 2 months whilst everything beds down, is rather less property coming onto the market ( which in fact has been the picture anyway this year) and there will still be buyers who are committed to buying and getting on with their move. We do not predict at this early stage that prices are likely to ease as there won’t be stock coming on in great numbers and prime property sellers will hold fast ( quite rightly) for their price.

Looking ahead we feel very positive about the Autumn market, we feel at this point the market will have settled and activity will have resumed to near normal levels.