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Things to do in Freshford

Small people have the brownies, the toddler group and the youth club, and there are grown-up Freshford clubs for table tennis, art, Christianity, and the environment. But if you’re not an eco-Christian ping-pong artist (and even if you are), The Inn Crowd is for retired people and meets, perhaps appropriately, in the pub. Freshfordians are proud of their recently-extended Memorial Hall (a.k.a. The Village Hall), but you’ll find most of them outdoors as much as they can be. The rivers, fields and woods are pure West Country delight. They are the main “things to do”.

Cultural Highlights

Bath Brunch Market, Green Park Station, Bath

Bath Brunch Market, Green Park Station, Bath

Bath Brunch Market Green Park Station, Bath 9:30

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I was very impressed with Crisp Cowley’s proactive approach of bringing cash buyers round for exclusive pre-market viewings.
Andrew Penney, Cambridge Terrace
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