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The History of Camden

On the 6th May 1840, the first postage stamps were available in England. The famous “Penny Black” went on sale in post offices all over the country. But in Bath, at what is now the Postal Museum in Northgate Street, the postmaster decided to accept the stamps as proof of postage five days earlier, on the 1st.

Contrary to popular belief, the Penny Black is not a rare stamp. There were 68 million of them produced. Much rarer, and much more beautiful, is Mulready stationery. Produced at the same time for the same purpose, these were hand-coloured pre-printed envelopes and writing paper featuring Britannia bestriding a world of people in five continents reading their mail. They were mocked at the time, and many parodies were created – but anyone in possession of a Mulready now will be the one laughing.

Cultural Highlights

Bath Brunch Market, Green Park Station, Bath

Bath Brunch Market, Green Park Station, Bath

Bath Brunch Market Green Park Station, Bath 9:30

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We have been delighted with the way Crisp Cowley have conducted the sale of our family’s house in Bathwick Hill.
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