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Boy done good.

There is a tendency among builders to locate their gaudy new builds on valley-sides or hills above the towns which their work and wealth have allowed them to flee.

Like characters in a Roald Dahl children's book, they can rise, stretch and breakfast while looking down on the place from whence they came, and at the citizenry whose ranks they have, by grit and wealth, transcended.
Bath's own Ralph Allen (1693-1764) was such a builder, albeit on a magnificent scale. He made his first fortune re-organising the postal system – but it's his second fortune that concerns us. He made a packet from Bath stone, and also from the system that enabled its transport to London.
Much of Georgian Bath was built with Ralph Allen, so when he bought the delicious mansion at Prior Park (now a well-known school), he did one better than look down on the town he came from.

He looked over the town he built.

Cultural Highlights

Bath Brunch Market, Green Park Station, Bath

Bath Brunch Market, Green Park Station, Bath

Bath Brunch Market Green Park Station, Bath 9:30

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I was very impressed with Crisp Cowley’s proactive approach of bringing cash buyers round for exclusive pre-market viewings.
Andrew Penney, Cambridge Terrace
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